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A Detailed Guide to Finding a Good Vein Dr. Near Me in TX

November 29, 2020

Step 1: Google “vein dr. near me in TX.”

You can start your search for a suitable vein doctor for your specific needs by googling “vein dr. near me in TX.” You’ll probably get a list of dozens of vein clinics and vein doctors in Texas, arranged according to their distance from your current location. You can use this information to easily filter out vein doctors who are too far, focusing on vein physicians within a short drive from your home or place of work. You should ideally focus on vein physicians who aren’t too far because it allows you to seek varicose vein treatment without adjusting your daily schedule too much.

Dr. Calvin Jung often comes up as one of the most accessible vein physicians for patients in Houston, River Oaks, and other neighboring regions in Texas. He’s the vein doctor at Vein Treatment Clinic Houston, located near the popular Galleria shopping mall in Uptown Houston.

Step 2: Find vein doctors with 5-star ratings.

Of course, location isn’t everything, merely the first step in your search for vein doctors. Patients are often tempted to drive over to the first vein physician they find, but that’s a grave mistake. Varicose vein treatments are simple and effective, but inexperienced vein doctors often address the visible symptoms of vein disease without addressing the underlying root cause, leading to a recurrence.

You must find vein doctors with 5-star ratings and reviews to ensure they have a perfect track record. Google allows patients to review their vein clinics and vein doctors, which gives you access to unbiased opinions and reviews that can’t be manipulated by vein clinics. As such, you can trust the reviewers and learn about your upcoming varicose vein treatment experience.

 You must consider several crucial factors when looking for vein doctors and vein clinics. We provide a detailed guide to finding a good vein dr. near me in TX.

Dr. Calvin Jung is one of the most popular vein physicians in Texas, as proven by his rave reviews. One of his patients recently wrote, “Dr. Jung is an amazing vein doctor in Houston. I have had heavy legs for some time now.. cramping on multiple occasions, which prevents me from running as much as I would like. I was given a comprehensive ultrasound scan, and he explained to me in detail what was going on with my veins. I am 1-month post-op treatment, and I can feel the difference already. Dr. Jung and his team receive my highest recommendation!”

Step 3: Go through the vein doctors’ backgrounds.

After the previous steps, you’ll probably have a fairly narrow list of vein doctors with 5-star ratings close to your location. You can now go through the vein doctors’ online profiles and backgrounds to select the most qualified vein care specialists. You should focus on factors like the vein doctors’ educational backgrounds, certifications, and years of experience.

Dr. Calvin Jung is a graduate from the NYU School of Medicine, where he graduated at the top of his class and consistently scored in the 99th percentile. He followed his graduation with some reputable residency programs and fellowships, specializing in minimally invasive varicose vein treatments and surgical treatments. He has several years of experience with a flawless track record, making him one of the best vein care physicians in Texas.

Step 4: Explore the vein doctors’ vein clinics.

Even the best vein doctors need access to advanced infrastructure, equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Jung is the vein doctor at Vein Treatment Clinic, a state-of-the-art vein center in Houston with the latest vein treatment technologies, such as ClariVein, VNUS, ClosureFAST, etc. We use these technologies to provide the safest and latest varicose vein treatments without complications or downtime.

Step 5: Read about the varicose vein treatment process.

You must read about the chosen vein doctor’s varicose vein treatment process to determine if it’s sufficiently well-planned. You should be wary of vein doctors who jump right into the treatment after a brief inspection of your leg veins — without diagnosis or extended consultation. Instead, you must find vascular surgeons with a considered and careful approach to varicose vein treatments.

The following is a brief summary of Dr. Jung’s varicose vein treatment process:

  1. Examining your leg veins and symptoms of vein disease.
  2. Using vascular imaging to diagnose the underlying venous insufficiency.
  3. Curating personalized varicose vein treatment plans based on your diagnosis, insurance plans, and cosmetic goals.
  4. Removing the diseased saphenous vein responsible for your vein problems using minimally invasive procedures, such as endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation.
  5. Removing the superficial varicose veins and spider veins on the skin’s surface after the primary treatment.
  6. Discussing your return to normal activities and post-operative care.

Step 6: Go through your insurance coverage options.

Minimally invasive varicose vein treatment options are eligible for insurance coverage because they’re medically necessary (if you have underlying vein disease). As such, you must explore your insurance coverage options and choose vein doctors who accept your insurance plans. You may go through the vein doctors’ financing pages to learn about their accepted insurance plans and other financing options.

Dr. Calvin Jung’s vein clinic (VTC Houston) accepts all major insurance plans, including Medicare. We also discuss your insurance coverage options while curating the varicose vein treatment plan to help you get the most affordable treatment possible.

Step 7: Schedule an appointment with the chosen vein doctors in Texas.

​Once you’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to schedule an appointment to meet the chosen vein doctors in Texas. Dr. Jung’s can be found in Vein Treatment Clinic at 2024 Richmond Ave #300, Houston, a short drive from the popular Galleria shopping mall. For more information, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Jung today.

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